AMAZING ICE CLIMBING EVENT Feel the heights in this amazing sport

Ice Climbing 101

Even if you had known ice climbing for a long time but you may not know some specific things about it. Ice climbing is already one that is being practiced by many people. It is challenging just like other forms of climbing. Many can think that it is more dangerous than others like rock climbing or mountain climbing. It is also challenging but they have different sets of challenges. They also then have different sets of difficulty.

Ice climbing is usually the ascending of a formation of ice that is inclined. There are also ropes that are used for protection and safety. They can be done in waterfalls location or in the icefalls and also cliffs or the slabs of rocks but covered with ice that has been frozen with water flowing.

There is also the division of ice which is the water and alpine ice in climbing. The alpine one is that no water but only frozen ice in the path of ascent. The water ice climbing could be located in the location where water flows.

Many choose it for the technical challenge. But ice climbing could be done at a place as they now also have the competition that is being held. Ice competition draws the participation of many countries. For some minutes only they could become winners. What they had practice for months and even years have led them to that event but for just one mistake, they end up losing or within just minutes they are the winners.